VosBox VBX Dual 26650 Semi-Mechanical Box Mod by VosVape

$ 199.99 $ 249.99

VosVape's Dual 26650 Semi-Mechanical Box Mod - The 'VBX'

Dubbed the "VBX", VosVape has entered the market with a product designed for POWER & PERFORMANCE.  To explain this, we will use, as an example, two 26650 batteries with ratings of 50A pulse/20A continuous.  For a sub ohm build, this is a significant rating because pushing the device past them could lead to dangerous situations.  The VBX allows the user to now use multiple batteries to share the load.  Instead of a sub ohm build running a single battery at 20A, using two will allow the user to run the same setup discharging each battery at 15A, bringing a total 10A increase in available amperage.  This all leads to a ridiculously strong, crazy powerful, long lasting and hard hitting device.  Each device is handmade using quality components such heavy gauge copper wiring, handmade copper positive contact discs, handmade copper negative springs, heat dissipation discs surrounding the bottom of the 510 connection and a switch that is made to handle raw, copious amounts of power.  VosVape has tested the devices using .07 ohm coils . . . VBX owners have tested them using .04 ohm coils . . . and pushing over 360 watts with continuous usage the device barely manages to get warm.  Say goodbye to button burns and melted devices, say hello to VBX.

FREE Shipping within the U.S.A for this item. Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska included.

 Boxes now come with Performer Series 510 Connection:  Large center pin allowing more energy flow.  Stationary pin which requires adjustment of the Atomizer.

*each device is handmade; variations and/or imperfections from device to device will exist.

Be sure to use high discharge batteries in this device when using sub-ohm builds.  This item is for advanced users only.  Use of this item is at your own risk.

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