Strawberry-Banana Smoothie: Ultra Collection

$ 14.95

Most people know that FlavorZ E-liquid is the flagship product line of Purebacco USA (one of the oldest names in vaping). Some years ago, they sat down and said to themselves: “What would vaping a fruit smoothie be like?”

Now, to be honest, there is a big difference between a good Strawberry Banana Smoothie vapor and just simply mixing strawberry and banana together. What we thought was a simple idea turned into a 16 month period of trial and error as we attempted to capture that frosted refreshing sensation of a true smoothie. Finally, after untold hours of heading back to the lab time and time again, we unlocked the secret of bringing the essence of a smoothie to life in a vapor. The result of all our hard work? Strawberry Banana smoothie rocketed up the nationwide bestseller list and earned its place among the nationwide Top 10 Bestselling Vapors.

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