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The SnowWolf-200W brings the vape world to new heights. Featuring the latest technology and intuitive temperature control mechanics, the SnowWolf-200W achieves a max output of 200 watts for even bigger vapor. 

Variable Wattage Range: 5.0W - 200.0W
Output Voltage Range: 0.5V -7.0V
Atomizer Ohm Range: 0.05 ohm - 2.5 ohm (supports both regular kanthal and nickel wires)
Battery Voltage Range: 6.2V - 8.4V
Temperature Adjustment Range: 100-350°C / 212-662°F
Battery: Two (2) 18650 high-drain batteries

★ Max Power 200W
★ Temperature Control Adjustment
★ Low Voltage Protection
★ Low Resistance Protection
★ Input High Voltage Warning
★ Output Short-Circuit Protection
★ Reverse Battery Protection
★ Overheating Prevention

Please install batteries before use. To ensure correct installation, follow these instructions: 
pen the battery panel; insert batteries into battery slots with the positive and negative poles aligned as illustrated; ensure ribbon is wrapped around batteries to remove the batteries easily. To remove the batteries, pull on the loose end of the ribbon to lift batteries out of their slot.

Once batteries are installed, the device enters “turn-on mode” with the logo displayed, and will then enter into “lock mode” shortly after. Press the fire button 5 times consecutively within 3 seconds to unlock the device. After unlocking the device, atomizer resistance, output wattage, output voltage, battery level, and current regulated temperature will be displayed. Without an atomizer installed, the output voltage will read 0.00V and resistance will read 0.00Ω. If you attempt to fire without an atomizer installed, “CHECK ATOMIZER” will be displayed.

When the device is locked, pressing any button will show the message “LOCKED CLICK 5X”. When “LOCKED CLICK 5X” is displayed, press the fire button 5 times consecutively within 3 seconds to unlock the device. Your device is now ready to vape.

If you would like to adjust the wattage, press both the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously until the “W” in front of the wattage value is flashing. Now by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons you can increase or decrease the wattage respectively. The output wattage range is 5.0 to 200.0W. By pressing “+” below 50W, watts increase by 0.1 increment; above 50W, watts increase by 0.5 increments; above 100W, watts increase by 1 increment. By pressing “-”, below 50W, watts decrease by 0.1 increment; above 50W, watts decrease by 0.5 increments; above 100W, watts decrease by 1 increment. When wattage is higher than 150W, the system is pulse output and the upper right corner of the screen will display a "P" symbol.

NOTE: Only when using pure nickel wires in your atomizer build will the temperature control function work. Ordinary wires can only make use of the watt adjustment function. 
If you would like to adjust the temperature, press both the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously until the “°C” or “°F” in front of the temperature value is flashing. Now by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons you can increase or decrease the temperature respectively. The temperature range is 100-350°C / 212-662°F. By pressing the “+” or “-”, temperature will increase or decrease by 1°C / 1°F. The system can switch between °C and °F by scrolling pass the minimum or maximum temperatures. (i.e. when you click “+” upwards to 662°F and continue to hold the button, it will automatically switch to 350°C; when you click “-“ downwards to 212°F and continue to hold the button, it will automatically switch to 100°C, and vice versa.)

When device is not in use, the screen will darken after 20 seconds. After 30 seconds the display will turn off and the device will enter standby mode. After 30 minutes in standby mode, device will automatically lock. Press the fire button 5 times in 3 seconds consecutively anytime during standby mode to turn off the device. “SYSTEM OFF” will then read on the display. Press any button to wake up the system.

When battery voltage is lower than 6.2V, device will display “LOW BATTERY”. When battery power is low and does not match the current wattage or temperature setting, device will display ”CHECK BATTERY” and stop firing. When battery voltage is less than 5.4V, device will not power on; when this display appears, change batteries before use.

This device supports only a resistance range from 0.05Ω - 2.5Ω, otherwise the device will not fire. When the resistance is lower than 0.05Ω, “LOW ATOMIZER” will be displayed and will not fire; when the resistance is higher than 2.5Ω, “HIGH ATOMIZER” will be displayed; when there is no atomizer, “CHECK ATOMIZER” will be displayed; when the atomizer shorts, “ATOMIZER SHORT” will be displayed.

If you remove the atomizer while the device is on and press the power button, “CHECK ATOMIZER” will be displayed. If you remove the atomizer while firing, “ATOMIZER REMOVE” will be displayed. When the device is on and you install an atomizer, “NEW COIL UP SAME DOWN” will be displayed; press the ‘–‘ button if it is the original atomizer, press the ’+’ button if a new atomizer has been installed. 
NOTE: Please make sure the new atomizer is cold, otherwise the device will misread the atomizer resistance.

The firing duration of the device is 20 seconds. If fired for longer than 20 seconds, the device will display “WORK OVERTIME” and automatically stop firing.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
1. The SnowWolf-200W is not suitable for persons under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women, persons at risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, or taking medication for depression or asthma.
2. The device may include small parts. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.
3. Do not store the unit in excessively hot or cold environments.
4. Do not install the battery backwards—the device will not power on.
5. Do not abuse or leave the device unattended.
6. The device is sold purely for recreational purposes—it is not a smoking cessation device and has not been tested or approved for use as such.
7. Please adjust the wattage to lower than 15W when you are using e-liquid atomizers.

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