Authentic Dimitri Box Mod Limited Copper Edition

$ 249.99

The Limited Edition Copper Dimitri Box Mod is another masterpiece by noted modder Kiko Lucena aka Vaping Kiko.  For the copper fanatics out there who are looking for a hard hitter, this is the mod for you.  Beauty, elegance, power...the Dimitri Limited Copper Edition.

-Full mechanical box mod
-Full mechanical switch
-Full Copper Block Body
-Dimitri logo engraved
-Ergonomic style
-Delrin insulators
-Delrin topcap
-Silver platiing over pure copper  contacts (negative)
-99.9% copper positive contacts
-Adjustable negative battery contacts
-Floating positive pins
-510 connector
-2 vent holes
-Dual parallel18650 battery configuration
-Silver plated internal connectors.
*Battery Installation, Please make sure battery Positive side up. We are not responsible for any damage of the mod due to this.


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