Authentic Akuma Mechanical Mod version 1.5 by GP Custom

$ 199.99

Authentic Akuma Mechanical Mod version 1.5 by GP Custom

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Product Details:
-Red copper modular tubes
 *18350 full tube w/ Akuma Logo
 *18500 full tube w/ Akuma Logo
 *18650 sleeve
-Red copper bottom cap
-Australian brass top cap & lock ring
-Copper coated Silver pins
-Floating positive w/ telescopic pin for adjustment of atomizer and battery
-Easy twist Locking mechanism
-22mm diameter
-Engraved top and bottom cap logos
-Laser engraved AKUMA logo
-Handmade bottom (screw) designed for AUTHENTICITY
-Handcrafted wooden box (serialized) packaging made by a real tribe from mountain province 
-Cnc made
-101% made in the PHILIPPINES!!!!

Note: If you have those 18350 batteries. Do not stack it in any mechanical mod.

All Sales Are Final

 Mechanical Mods are strictly use at your own risk products. 

 If there are manufacturer’s defects, please contact us within 24 hours upon receipt of your order.

 We will take a look at it and test it and see if any issues occur, then we will see if it's necessary to exchange for a Mechanical Mod of the same type. You cannot exchange mod for another product.

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