The Big 100 ejuice collection December 10, 2016 18:33

Check out the Big 100 ejuice collection we have available for you vapers that want a great vape flavor for a bargain price.  100ml bottles of these juices are just $22.99...shipped within the USA!  Try one, or heck, try a couple.  At that price you can't afford not to.

Flavors available:

Blueberry Custard - A delicious blend of sweet blueberry and creamy custard.

Grapple - Strawberries, apples, and grape in one awesome combination.

Kiwi Lime Berry - Kiwis, limes, and berries...oh my!

Melon Bubble - A best selling flavor of watermelon bubblegum.

Melon Strapple - Another top seller with watermelon, strawberry, and apple goodness.

Rainbow - Sherbet ice cream in a bottle!

Scream - Perfectly blended strawberries and cream.

Son of Peach - A sweet concoction of peaches and yogurt.

Strapple - A juicy mix of Strawberries and apples.

Surreal Cereal - A milky fruit ring cereal flavored vape.