Authentic Aventador V3 Box Mod by GI Mods Philippines February 07, 2017 14:08

The guys at G.I. Mods Philippines have done it again with this stunning piece.  The newest addition to the Aventador family of hard hitting mechanical box mods comes the Aventador v3 available in 3 Colors: Black, Red, and Gold.


T6 Aluminum Body

All Copper internals (Silver Plated)

Stainless Top Firing Switch

Brass 510 Deck (Gold Plated)

Self Adjust 510 pin

Dual Parallel Configuration (18650)

Simple All Detachable Parts

100% Hard Hitter

Class/Sporty/Elegant Design

Made in the Philippines By: G.I.MODS PHILIPPINES

Authentic VCP (Vaperz Cloud Piglet) Box Mods Just Came In!! February 09, 2016 14:45

Check out The VCP aka Piglet, another winner from our friends at Vaperz Cloud who are always coming out with quality vape gear.


  • Solid Alloy and brass outer construction
  • Fully mechanical
  • Dual 18650 battery setup in series (8.4 volts!)
  • Full high grade copper contacts
  • Adjustable solid copper 510 pin
  • Flush mounted delrin firing button (no need for locking switch)
  • Flush mounted battery door with clear positive and negative icons for correct battery configuration

Please abide by the following:

  • This is an advanced piece of hardware. Proper battery and ohm's law knowledge is critical in using this device.
  • This device runs two batteries in series. Two identical, high-amp, paired and married batteries must be used, and charged simultaneously. Batteries not included.
  • Do not use any tank atomisers with pre-made coils, there are none on the market designed to be run at 8.4v. 
  • This device outputs 8.4v on fully charged batteries. The lowest recommended resistance for use on this device is 0.4ohm, in conjunction with high-amperage (20 Amp Continuous) cells.
  • Batteries MUST NOT be placed the same orientation (++ one end, -- the other), as this will short out the device. One cell must be upside down, the other right way up.

**warning this device is 8.4 volts, please know ohm's law before using**

Authentic Armas V2 Special Edition White Delrin BB Box Mods by Ninoy Aquino IN STOCK! January 12, 2016 14:09

Authentic Armas V2 Special Edition White Delrin BB Box Mods by Ninoy Aquino are IN STOCK NOW!  We just got in a limited number of these box mods that can be converted to either parallel or series connections using the included conversion kit.  Get yours now while they last vapers!