Authentic Plume Veil V1.5 RDA July 29, 2014 23:40

The newest design by Aethertech is coming to!  Reserve your Authentic Plume Veil V1.5 RDA today before it's too late.

The latest version of the Plume Veil RDA v1.5 by Aether Tech is a very unique design with three separate sources for airflow.
22mm outer diameter
Upgraded list for the V1.5:
Shortened 510 connection
4 Top Cap Air Holes
Larger Main Airflow holes
Silver Plated Brass Contacts
Gold Plated Base & Screws
1: Air Slots in front of coil, with air flow control (AFC)
2: Air holes through negative posts to bring air to back side of coil
3: Air holes in top cap to create a vacuum effect
• Negative posts are milled into the deck
• 24kt Gold plated deck (0.006 inches thick)
• Adjustable delrin insulator at drip tip (also serves as AFC for 4 top air holes)
• Rotating ‘T’ center post to accommodate a multitude of different builds
• Post holes large enough to accommodate 4 strands of 22 gauge
• PEEK insulators with a melting point of 650°F