Authentic Aventador V3 Box Mod by GI Mods Philippines February 07, 2017 14:08

The guys at G.I. Mods Philippines have done it again with this stunning piece.  The newest addition to the Aventador family of hard hitting mechanical box mods comes the Aventador v3 available in 3 Colors: Black, Red, and Gold.


T6 Aluminum Body

All Copper internals (Silver Plated)

Stainless Top Firing Switch

Brass 510 Deck (Gold Plated)

Self Adjust 510 pin

Dual Parallel Configuration (18650)

Simple All Detachable Parts

100% Hard Hitter

Class/Sporty/Elegant Design

Made in the Philippines By: G.I.MODS PHILIPPINES

Cassadaga Eliquids December 30, 2016 10:51

Get the new, sinfully rich, creamy tasting ejuices from Cassadaga Eliquids available now from Advanced Vapors 808!  They hit the right spot for those looking for that perfect dessert vape.  We have two of the hits from this delectable line ready for your vape setup today at!

Cannoli Be One:

Primary Flavors:  Cannoli Pastry, Cream, Vanilla

PG/VG Ratio:  20% PG / 80% VG

Bottle Sizes:  30ml

Bottle Type:  30ml Glass with Child-Resistant Dropper Cap


Cannoli Be Mine:

Primary Flavors:  Cannoli Pastry, Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry

PG/VG Ratio:  20% PG / 80% VG

Bottle Sizes:  30ml

Bottle Type:  30ml Glass with Child-Resistant Dropper Cap

The Big 100 ejuice collection December 10, 2016 18:33

Check out the Big 100 ejuice collection we have available for you vapers that want a great vape flavor for a bargain price.  100ml bottles of these juices are just $22.99...shipped within the USA!  Try one, or heck, try a couple.  At that price you can't afford not to.

Flavors available:

Blueberry Custard - A delicious blend of sweet blueberry and creamy custard.

Grapple - Strawberries, apples, and grape in one awesome combination.

Kiwi Lime Berry - Kiwis, limes, and berries...oh my!

Melon Bubble - A best selling flavor of watermelon bubblegum.

Melon Strapple - Another top seller with watermelon, strawberry, and apple goodness.

Rainbow - Sherbet ice cream in a bottle!

Scream - Perfectly blended strawberries and cream.

Son of Peach - A sweet concoction of peaches and yogurt.

Strapple - A juicy mix of Strawberries and apples.

Surreal Cereal - A milky fruit ring cereal flavored vape.

G2 Vapor Ejuice now available here! December 02, 2016 14:15

Try out our stock of ejuice from G2 Vapor today!  FREE shipping within the USA for our ejuice orders. 

Great tasting flavors like:

Blue Pop - A sweet blue raspberry lollipop.

CaRnY4 - Based on the classic RY4 (vanilla, caramel & tobacco) updated for the modern pallet with notes of carnival treats.

Dr. Green - Kiwi, green apple and pear, a fruit lover’s dream.

Drunk Monkey - Bananas blended with cream and rum. Just like a tasty adult beverage.

Mr. Cookie - Fresh baked sugar cookies blended with caramel butter drops.

Mrs. Berry - The bride of Frankie, strawberry, marshmallows, cereal and milk.

Pastry Parts - Rich Strawberry jam baked into the middle of flaky pastry.

Vazilla - A true vanilla with a hint of custard and rich buttercream finish.

Authentic VCP (Vaperz Cloud Piglet) Box Mods Just Came In!! February 09, 2016 14:45

Check out The VCP aka Piglet, another winner from our friends at Vaperz Cloud who are always coming out with quality vape gear.


  • Solid Alloy and brass outer construction
  • Fully mechanical
  • Dual 18650 battery setup in series (8.4 volts!)
  • Full high grade copper contacts
  • Adjustable solid copper 510 pin
  • Flush mounted delrin firing button (no need for locking switch)
  • Flush mounted battery door with clear positive and negative icons for correct battery configuration

Please abide by the following:

  • This is an advanced piece of hardware. Proper battery and ohm's law knowledge is critical in using this device.
  • This device runs two batteries in series. Two identical, high-amp, paired and married batteries must be used, and charged simultaneously. Batteries not included.
  • Do not use any tank atomisers with pre-made coils, there are none on the market designed to be run at 8.4v. 
  • This device outputs 8.4v on fully charged batteries. The lowest recommended resistance for use on this device is 0.4ohm, in conjunction with high-amperage (20 Amp Continuous) cells.
  • Batteries MUST NOT be placed the same orientation (++ one end, -- the other), as this will short out the device. One cell must be upside down, the other right way up.

**warning this device is 8.4 volts, please know ohm's law before using**

Authentic Armas V2 Special Edition White Delrin BB Box Mods by Ninoy Aquino IN STOCK! January 12, 2016 14:09

Authentic Armas V2 Special Edition White Delrin BB Box Mods by Ninoy Aquino are IN STOCK NOW!  We just got in a limited number of these box mods that can be converted to either parallel or series connections using the included conversion kit.  Get yours now while they last vapers!

Authentic Armas v2 BB Box Mod Special Edition White Delrin by Ninoy Aquino (Parallel or Series) November 02, 2015 13:11

The NEWEST version of the Armas BB Box Mod v2 is out and we have a limited quantity of these SPECIAL EDITION White Delrin v2's available!!!  This box can be used via Parallel or Series connection with the included conversion kit. 



Features include:

Gold Plated External Brass Parts

Fully Mechanical Dual 18650 Battery Mod

Parallel or Series Connection (Conversion Kit Included)

Silver Plated Copper Internals

Thumb Twist Negative Battery Caps

Delrin Firing Switch with Brass Locking Ring

Dimensions: 91mm x 55mm x 26mm


Authentic Raptor T6 Box Mod by MCV Philippines June 19, 2015 18:02

The newest box mod by the master modders at MCV Philippines have done it again.  They've unleashed another vaping BEAST called the Raptor and it's bound to be a valued addition to your vape collection.

Authentic Hobo RDA v3 by Hobo Customs May 12, 2015 19:20

Authentic Hobo RDA v3 by Hobo Customs are available now!


• 316 medial grade stainless steel
• Peek insulator
• Gold plated copper pin
• Adjustable juice well extension
• 3 piece top cap design
• Reduced chamber
• 2 post design for easy build with better airflow
• Deeper juice well than previous versions (5mm)
• Made in the USA

Authentic Dimitri Midnight Edition Fully Mechanical Box Mods are In!! February 24, 2015 21:14

Dimitri Box Mod Specs

*Full mechanical box mod
*Full alloy casing in hard chrome finish
*Gold plated dimitri
*Ergonomic style
*Delrin insulators
*Silver platiing over pure copper  contacts (negative)
*99.9% copper positive contacts
*Adjustable negative battery contacts
*Floating positive pins
*510 connector
*Dual 18650 battery configuration

New Authentic Plume Veil 2.0 is on it's way!! December 30, 2014 12:48

This IS the NEWEST release of the Plume Veil...V2.0!!! VERY Limited Quantity. 

100% USA Made With 100% USA Materials



- 22mm dripping atomizer

- 3 post with dual split positive post

- Negative posts milled out of one solid block

- Airflow drilled through negative post to hit back of the coils

- Traditional adjustable airflow (accommodates single and dual coil builds)

- Silver Plated Brass Contacts

- Gold plated deck and positive post



- New top cap design to make the chamber condenser and topside airflow independent from one another

- Shorter design
- 1 piece extra wide bore mouth piece with option for 510 style drip tips

Dimitri Fully Mechanical Box Mods November 18, 2014 14:33

The Authentic Dimitri Fully Mechanical Box Mods are available for pre-order now!  You can get them in both mirror finish or the Midnight Edition.  The first batch of Dimitri's sold out SUPER quick so don't miss your chance to get a hold on one of these beauties!  They are a great piece to add on to any box collection or an amazing start to one. 


Dimitri Box Mods Are In! November 04, 2014 23:54

The Dimitri Box Mods are in and they are both SEXY and CLASSY looking! It's definitely like no box mod I've seen.  The Dimitri is the Mod I'd take to a black tie event.  It looks so smooth and sleek and most a HARD HITTER.  As seen in the pictures it is very clean both inside and out.

Dimitri Box Mod Specs

*Full mechanical box mod
*Full alloy casing in hard chrome finish
*Gold plated dimitri
*Ergonomic style
*Delrin insulators
 *Silver platiing over pure copper  contacts (negative)
*99.9% copper positive contacts
*Adjustable negative battery contacts
*Floating positive pins
*510 connector
*Dual 18650 battery configuration
Featured image

Dark Horse RDA October 26, 2014 13:26

The Dark Horse RDA is IN STOCK!!   For the Vaper that's looking to blow FAT CLOUDS and looking for AIRFLOW OPTIONS GALORE, we have the acclaimed DARK HORSE RDA by Steam Angel!!

List of goodies for the Dark Horse:

- 22mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

- 316 Stainless Steel Construction

- 16 Preset Airflow Options with Stock AFC Ring
  * 12 Dual Coil Configurations
  * 4 Single Coil Configurations

- 3mm Stainless Steel Contact Screws

- Gold Plated Flattened Positive Post Design to Prevent Spinning

- Square Negative Posts Milled Into the Deck

- 2.7mm Post Holes for Extreme Cloud Chasers

- Gold Plated Positive Contact Pin

- Black Nylon Steam Angel MONSTER Drip Tip

- Black Nylon Heat Resistant Adaptor and Steam Angel SWB (Super Wide Bore) SS Drip Tip

- Superior Heat Resistant Nylon
   * Melting Point of Nylon: approx. 260°C or approx. 500°F
   * Melting Point of Delrin: approx. 175°C or approx. 347°F

- Nylon offers smooth matte finish compared to shiny Delrin finish

- Serialized

- One Limited Year Product Warranty provided by Steam Angel Technology

Limited Edition White Nylon Monster Drip Tip and 510 Adaptor SOLD SEPARATELY.

The Big Dripper RDTA by Sub Ohm Innovations October 26, 2014 13:19

We just got the Big Dripper RDTA by Sub Ohm Innovations IN STOCK!!  Get them now while they last!!  The Big Dripper is an innovative atomizer that is sure to change the vape game. The Big Dripper is made in the USA and is creating a brand new category of atty's called RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer.

You can build on The Big Dripper just like a regular atty but it has a 5ml tank that sits on top. It also has an Auto Dripper or Push Activated Dripping function, so when you are ready to drip, you just press down on the drip tip and it will automatically drip 3 drops of juice on the exact spot on your coil/wick. You no longer need to take the top cap off your atty, take out your bottle of juice, and drip! With the Big Dripper's new and revolutionary design, you can now drip and drive safely! The base of the RDA has a very deep juice well and a traditional 3 posts RDA that you can perform many different build. The adjustable airflow control allows user to find the perfect airflow for that desired preference. 

Product Features:

  • Highly Innovative Design and Beautifully Machined!
  • 22mm in Diameter so it fits most 22mm Mod Flush!
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Dual Coil Capability
  • Top spring loaded juice flow control
  • Press the drip tip is all your need to drip
  • 510 Connection
  • Traditional 3 post design to perform your favorite builds
  • 5.0ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Made In USA

Mephisto v2 RDA by El Diablo October 26, 2014 13:12

The Mephisto RDA's by El Diablo have just arrived!  Get your orders in now!!

El Diablo is at it again with their newest Mephisto V2 RDA which are known for their MASSIVE post holes!  Now available in your choice of Black, Copper, Brass, and SS colored Air-Flow Control Rings.  Additional AFC Rings available for purchase as well.

FREE SHIPPING within the USA with the purchase of this item!


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Machined from 304 grade stainless steel
  • PEEK insulators
  • Silver Plated Contacts
  • 3mm Post Holes
  • Dual airflow channels
  • 6mm Deep Drip Well
  • Teflon Insulated Top Cap
  • Milled negative posts
  • Engraved heat sink top cap
  • Air Bridge Design: floating delrin insulator reduces ambient heat transfer between deck and RDA

Dark Horse RDA and Hobo RDA October 17, 2014 00:38

Both new and innovative, the Dark Horse RDA and Hobo RDA are available for pre-order now here at!  Don't miss your chance to own one or both of these must have drippers that are leading the way to improved vaping equipment for all us vape enthusiasts!

Authentic Dark Horse RDA by Steam Angel Technology October 08, 2014 23:48

Looking to blow some fat clouds?? Want Air-Flow options GALORE!! Check out the Dark Horse RDA by Steam Angel Technology available for pre-order now! We also have the Limited Edition White Nylon Monster Drip Tip and 510 Adaptor for the Dark Horse RDA.  Reserve yours today!!


Authentic The Big Dripper RDTA by Sub-Ohm Innovations PRE-ORDER September 01, 2014 21:55

The Big Dripper RDTA by Sub-Ohm Innovations is now available for Pre-Order! Get them now while you can as quantities are limited.  With this devices revolutionary new design it now makes it so easy to drip on the go.  As soon as you get a dry hit, just push down on the drip tip to let some juice drip down from the 5ml tank onto your build!  This takes dripping to a whole new level AND makes dripping and driving MUCH easier and safer!  It's estimated release date is 10/1/14.  Add this beautiful dripper to your collection today!!

Axis Box Mods are back in stock!! August 07, 2014 19:32

The Axis Box Mod is back in stock and ready to ship!  These beautiful boxes are manufactured in the Philippines and made of Kamagong Wood (Iron Wood) and is known for its strength. It uses dual 18650 batteries for long lasting vape time, has an led screen to read voltage, and its most recent upgrade of an adjustable 510 connector.  This box is also capable of going up to 76.8 watts with its 16 amp chip.  It's a great addition to your collection of vape gear.

Mephisto RDA by El Diablo BACK IN STOCK! August 04, 2014 00:03

The Mephisto RDA's are back in stock!! These are the RDA's with the MASSIVE post holes (3mm) which are ready for your 24, 22, and even 20 gauge builds...EASY. Large airflow control with different color AFC Rings available for purchase as well.  These are straight from the Philippines and ready for your wildest builds. Get you Mephisto RDA in Brass, Copper, and Black today!

Authentic Plume Veil V1.5 RDA July 29, 2014 23:40

The newest design by Aethertech is coming to!  Reserve your Authentic Plume Veil V1.5 RDA today before it's too late.

The latest version of the Plume Veil RDA v1.5 by Aether Tech is a very unique design with three separate sources for airflow.
22mm outer diameter
Upgraded list for the V1.5:
Shortened 510 connection
4 Top Cap Air Holes
Larger Main Airflow holes
Silver Plated Brass Contacts
Gold Plated Base & Screws
1: Air Slots in front of coil, with air flow control (AFC)
2: Air holes through negative posts to bring air to back side of coil
3: Air holes in top cap to create a vacuum effect
• Negative posts are milled into the deck
• 24kt Gold plated deck (0.006 inches thick)
• Adjustable delrin insulator at drip tip (also serves as AFC for 4 top air holes)
• Rotating ‘T’ center post to accommodate a multitude of different builds
• Post holes large enough to accommodate 4 strands of 22 gauge
• PEEK insulators with a melting point of 650°F

120 Watt AV Box Mod July 22, 2014 22:20

Another batch of the HOT selling 120 Watt AV Box Mods are in stock and ready to ship.  These mods are BEASTS!! With this sleek black box, you'll be chucking clouds in no time. The magnetic doors make it really easy to change out batteries.  This mod takes two 18650 batteries. High discharge batteries like the Sony VTC4's are recommended and included FREE as a promotion with the purchase of this box mod!

CATs RDA by RJMOD in Stainless Steel and Brass July 10, 2014 22:34

The CATs RDA by RJMOD arrived today and the stainless steel version is a beauty.  I'm not saying the brass version isn't but the SS version is my cup of tea.  This Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is built for quad coils with four negative posts on its deck and emits a denser than usual vape which really brings out the flavor.  If you're a flavor chaser, this is the atty for you.